Head Gaskets

Premium Quality

All full metal gaskets are very much stronger than composite head gaskets.Laminates (usually three layers) have a channel rolled into the two outer layers.Our gaskets have a fire ring or flattened O-ring as an integral part of the metal gasket on both sides of the gasket.They eliminate the need to machine either the head or the block for O-ring grooves.Their construction makes them able to resist the severest of combustion chamber environments

Cosworth Tested

Burton Power U.K. had a Cosworth test performed, where the 2.0 litre YB Cosworth engine running @ 3500 rpm cranked out 468.7ft/lbs (635.4Nm) of torque and 312.4 bhp @ 2 bar boost pressure.Our entry level gasket held up throughout the duration of these test runs.


Unlike composite gaskets and multi layer shim type gaskets, our steel models do not compress, are resistant to a certain amount of detonation and heat and can be used many times over.They should always be used with a high temperature barrier compound like Victor Reinz (Reinzosil) or Bostik Super Gasket Black Silicone Sealant before each assembly.

Aluminium / Copper / Stainless Steel

Aluminium models are generally used for normally aspirated applications where a cylinder head has been machined beyond it’s allowable minimum thickness.It functions as a spacer but is not used in conjunction with another head gasket.It is made to a thickness that will drop the compression ratio back to manufacturers specifications.

Copper models are used when combustion temperatures are very much higher usually because of high compression ratios and boost pressure, and the use of aromatics and additives.

Stainless steel gaskets are used with a barrier compound in very severe combustion chamber conditions often very high boost applications with strong doses of N2O.

Sealing Pressure

When a force is applied to a bolt or stud it is distributed over a certain surface area.To increase pressure it is necessary to either increase the force or decrease the area over which the applied force is being distributed.

To double the force would more than likely stretch the bolts as a permanent elongation would take place known as the permanent set.

Tripling the force and exceeding the ultimate tensile strength of the bolt or stud would cause it to fracture or shear off.Using a bolt or stud with a thicker shank and quadruppled the force this would lift the threaded bosses cracking the block surface and warping it destroying any chance of a good seal.

What we have done is to reduce the surface area to be clamped by up to 700% which has the same effect as increasing the applied force.

Compression Ratio

If you are struggling to achieve a certain compression ratio, let us help with our head gaskets.Maybe your expensive cylinder head has had a huge chunk taken off it and you want to lower the compression back to standard, use one of our custom gaskets.If you want to lower your compression for a turbo we can also help.

It can be common practice to machine large amounts off a cylinder head to increase compression.This is a waste of a good head.Rather fit a thinner reuseable REDLINE gasket which could also improve the squish height and at the same time you have a very strong gasket capable of holding very high cylinder pressures at elevated compression ratios.

Large Bore Sizes

Often there is a need for a gasket with a bigger than .040″ or even .060″ overbore.More often than not these gaskets aren’t freely available.We custom make gaskets to your requirements as the gasket’s fire ring should not stick out over the cylinder wall into the combustion chamber as this could be a source for detonation, the piston could collide with it at higher revs or a valve could catch it.There are many other reasons involving flow characteristics and burning of the mixture in the combustion chamber.

Turbo / Nitrous / Alcohol

High boost pressures and heavy doses of N2O raise the combustion temperature so do engines running high compression ratios on high octane fuels.Any of these severe applications require a severe duty head gasket.Our stainless steel gaskets are used in this type of environment with one of the high temperature barrier compounds as mentioned above.

Custom Built

We not only carry stock of non-standard cylinder head gaskets but also make to your specific requirements.

No Re-Torque Necessary

REDLINE gaskets have no added stopper layers nor do they compress like composite gaskets and laminates. Once you have torqued the studs or non-stretch bolts, you need not recheck the fasteners.